The purpose is to provide guidelines for the use of the SalsUp brand resources.

These include

> Our brands, such as the SalsUp logo, the SalsUp symbol and the SalsUp product name. This also applies to the SalsUp Kitchen Talk and the SalsUp Summit.
> The sounds you hear when using SalsUp (for example the SalsUp Matching Sound)
> SalsUp user interfaces (how SalsUp is displayed on the screen of your desktop or mobile device)

These guidelines only apply to the matching platform SalsUp, SalsUp Summit and SalsUp Kitchen Talk. If you have a question about the SalsUp brand, you will find possible answers in the FAQ.

Trademark law

SalsUp is registered in the Trademark Patent Office and is a word and picture trademark.

Terms of use

SalsUp’s brand policies are designed to manage and protect the value of the brand. By using any resources of the SalsUp trademark you expressly agree to be bound by these guidelines.

If no membership has been concluded or if the proposed use does not fall within the scope of your existing use, please check that SalsUp’s trademark guidelines for use have been followed.

Finally, if the above requirement does not need to be met or you are not sure about the usage, you can request a separate logo usage license directly from SalsUp. Such a license must be initiated and approved by the managing director of SalsUp GmbH or the CMO with whom you work. If you do not have the contact details of the managing director or the CMO, please contact us at to start the process.

Use of the SalsUp symbol

General use
Only use the logo officially available for download in the press section of the website.

Do not change the SalsUp logo or symbol template provided to you. This includes changing the color, angle, dimensions or the ratio between the elements.

Make sure that the SalsUp logo or icon stands out from surrounding text or background and is legible.

Do not change the word SalsUp or its format. Do not add text to SalsUp, and do not abbreviate the word SalsUp in any way.

Do not add characters, numbers, or sounds to the SalsUp logo.

Changing the SalsUp logo and symbols in any way is prohibited.

If you wish to provide a trademark notice regarding the use of your own trademarks or other third party trademarks when using the SalsUp brand resources, we request that you use the following phrase: „All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners“.

> SalsUp Logo
> SalsUp Summit-Logo
> SalsUp Kitchen Talk-Logo
> SalsUp ICON (App)

Prohibited forms of use

You may not incorporate any SalsUp branded resources or variations thereof into your product features, product names, service names, trademarks, logos, company names, domain names or social media accounts unless permitted by SalsUp’s trademark guidelines.

You may not adopt trademarks, logos or other features that are deceptively similar to SalsUp trademark resources and you may not market products or services under a name that is deceptively similar to our SalsUp products.

You may not copy or imitate the appearance or design of SalsUp or the appearance of any resource of the SalsUp brand or the website including (but not limited to) the color combinations, graphics, sounds, image representations, presence icons, fonts or stylization (or similar) used by SalsUp.

You may not use the SalsUp brand resources in connection with any product or service or on any website that could be considered sexually explicit, vulgar, profane, indecent, obscene, abusive, defamatory, libelous or otherwise unlawful, or that could be construed as offensive to religion or race, or otherwise incite hatred towards any individual or group of individuals or violate any law, or that SalsUp, in its sole discretion, deems to be objectionable.

You may not use SalsUp branded resources in any manner that expresses or implies affiliation, association with, sponsorship, endorsement, certification or approval by SalsUp.

Ensure that references to SalsUp are true, accurate, fair and not misleading or objectionable in any way. SalsUp makes a determination in this regard. SalsUp takes legal action against misleading, false, fraudulent and otherwise similar findings in all cases.

You may not use the SalsUp trademarks as a keyword or search term in or for search advertisements.

Use of the name “SalsUp” in advertising texts

Follow the SalsUp trademark policy. Avoid the use of logos, icons, slogans or other features of SalsUp brand resources in advertising texts.

While the name SalsUp and the app symbol are registered trademarks of SalsUp GmbH, the use of the ™ trademark or ® symbol is not required when using them, unless you have been specifically requested to do so by SalsUp. If you use “SalsUp” or any other SalsUp trademark in text form, you must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Capitalize the first letter of the name: SalsUp.
  • Write the whole name in the following notation: SalsUp.
  • Write the full name in italics: SalsUp.
  • Put the entire name in quotation marks: “SalsUp”.

Use the name SalsUp only as an adjective or proper noun, not as a verb.

Correct use:
“SalsUp is the first ecovation system”.
“SalsUp is Europe’s largest platform for StartUps, Corporates and Sals Angels SalsUp offers Sales, Network and Investment to its members.”
“I use the SalsUp platform.”
“Let’s network and share via SalsUp.”
“SalsUp is the companion for StartUps.”
“Sales, Network and Investment.”

Incorrect use:
“I use the SalsUp software.”
“I’m going to match up with my friend.”
“On SalsUp you will find business angels.”
“On SalsUp you can sell your product.”

Business stationery and SalsUp contact details

Always follow the SalsUp trademark policy. Use the SalsUp App icon on your stationery to indicate that you are a member of SalsUp and can be found there.

Only the app icon should point to SalsUp contact details.

The app icon should be small and placed in coordination with your other contact methods (and no more prominent than other contact methods).

You can also create an official “Contact me on SalsUp” button.

Websites and Lessons

The name SalsUp may only be used to indicate that lessons can be provided with the SalsUp app. Unless otherwise specified in these guidelines, no other uses are permitted.

You may mention SalsUp in advertising copy, but this must be done in accordance with the guidelines in Permitted Uses of SalsUp in this document. The use of the name may not express or imply affiliation, association with, sponsorship, endorsement, certification or approval of SalsUp. SalsUp may withdraw the right to use the SalsUp logo at any time and in its sole discretion, if it can be assumed that such use of the name may adversely affect SalsUp. Similarly, SalsUp may request that the logo be deleted immediately in case of improper use.

Lectures and projects at universities, colleges and business incubators

You can use images of the SalsUp product in projects for universities or colleges or incubators. If the images contain third party content (e.g. third party logos, photos, etc.), you may need the permission of the third party to use such content.

If these projects may be published, you must obtain permission from before using SalsUp branded resources or images.

SalsUp may become a partner of a college, university or incubator. Inquiries regarding brand use and partnership may be made through

Publications, seminars and conferences

You must affix the following notice in a clearly legible manner:
“[list the SalsUp brand resources used] [is/are] [a] trademark(s) or other intellectual property of the SalsUp Group of Companies, and [name of publication] is not owned, sponsored or approved by or otherwise associated with the SalsUp Group of Companies.”

Do not use the name SalsUp as the opening word or most prominent element in the title of your publication, seminar or conference.

Broadcasts, films and podcasts

If you want to use SalsUp in a broadcast, movie or podcast, you may need to use certain SalsUp branded resources to indicate such use. Unless you have entered into a separate agreement with SalsUp that permits such use, the Terms of Use Agreement and the SalsUp Trademark Terms and Conditions set forth herein apply.

Please contact us for broadcast inquiries at

Use by developers

Desktop-API: Use of the SalsUp Desktop API is subject to the SalsUp Desktop API Terms of Use. In accordance with these terms and conditions and these rules you are then allowed to refer to the compatibility between your product and SalsUp.

Use of URIs to create SalsUp actions: You may use the sample URIs available under SalsUp or create your own URIs solely to allow others to launch a SalsUp application.

You may not call your application SalsUp, give it a name similar to SalsUp or use the SalsUp logo or icon. You must also comply with these guidelines.

You must check these websites periodically to ensure that your use complies with any guidelines or terms.

Your user interface must not imitate the SalsUp user interface or imply a partnership or sponsorship by SalsUp GmbH.