A StartUp is a recently founded company with an innovative business idea and high growth potential. The StartUp company should exist no longer than 7 years.

The StartUps have completed the seed phase, raised their first financial capital and are now in the start-up phase. In the seed phase (i.e. early financing phase), capital is necessary to implement the development of the business idea and to assess whether the product is feasible on the market. All of this is recorded in the business plan.

Start-up phase: The start-up phase is initiated by the company’s foundation and includes the completion of a market-ready product as well as the subsequent rollout. Here the focus is on the design of sales and production possibilities as well as the implementation of marketing campaigns.

(Further information: https://www.gruenderszene.de/lexikon/begriffe/startup)

Your product or service is suitable for SalsUp as long as it does not violate ethical principles.

In addition, your product is about to be launched on the market or is perhaps already available on the market. The essential pieces of the puzzle for maximum success, which you are still missing to get started, are professional sales power and fast capital. So take your chance, register with SalsUp and find your perfect collaboration partner.

We would like to support you in presenting your StartUp in the best possible way on our platform. In the registration process we ask you a few questions about your team, your product, your goals and your motivation. Of course in compliance with the GDPR.

With the increasing completeness of your profile, the visibility and ranking of your StartUp within the SalsUp platform increases.

After you have filled out all required fields in the registration process, your StartUp profile will be automatically added to the Showroom. The more complete the profile is, the better the placement in the Showroom.

In the Innovation Hub you can present your product or service in more detail. The more comprehensive and precise the information, the better you will be found by potential partners and receive more inquiries.

As a StartUp you network with other StartUps. Via SalsUp Messenger you communicate with other StartUps in a very personal, undisturbed and direct way.

Medium-sized businesses and Sals Angels can submit a match offer to the StartUp. The StartUp can accept or decline the match. If the StartUp accepts the matching offer, the match is completed and both parties see the complete data of each other. Content and process of the cooperation are carried out directly, without SalsUp involvement.

The Sals Angel or SME confirms with their registration that they will allow contact within 14 days. Should no contact be established, SalsUp will become active.